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Why Does My Car Steering Wheel Shake When I Drive

Driving a car is a skill that many of us take for granted. But just like any other skill, driving requires practice and concentration. If you experience shaking or wobbling when you drive, there could be two potential causes. The first is that your steering wheel might be loose or not tight enough. The second is that you might have a faulty power steering system. In either case, you should take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation.

Causes of Steering Wheel Shake

When you drive, the steering wheel vibrates because the vehicle is moving. This vibration causes the wheel to shake. There are many possible causes of steering wheel shake, but most can be corrected with a simple repair or adjustment.

One common cause of shaking is an incorrectly adjusted suspension. If the weight of the car is not evenly distributed, the vehicle will shake as the wheels move. You can adjust the suspension by loosening and tightening certain bolts, or by raising and lowering the stabilizer bar.

Another common cause of steering wheel shake is a faulty steering shaft. The shaft connects the steering column to the rack and pinion (R&P) gearbox. If this connection is loose, the R&P gearbox will wobble as it turns, causing the wheel to shake. You can check this connection by removing the cover plate on top of the steering shaft and gently tapping it with a hammer. If it moves easily, then it needs to be replaced.

Lastly, improper alignment can also cause shaking. The wheels are mounted on a universal joint which allows them to rotate about their vertical axis (azimuth). This allows you tosteer the vehicle in a straight line, but it also allows the wheels to move side-to-side (yaw). If the wheel is not aligned properly, the yaw force will cause the wheel to shake. You can check alignment by using a dial indicator or by using a simple alignment tool such as a ViseGrips.

How to Fix a Shaking Car Steering Wheel

If you’re experiencing a shaking car steering wheel, there are a few things you can do to get it fixed. The most common cause of this issue is a loose or damaged steering wheel joint. If you can’t fix the joint, you may have to replace the entire steering wheel. In some cases, a loose or damaged suspension strut may also be to blame.

Prevention Tips for a Shaking Car Steering Wheel

When you drive your car, the steering wheel can shake because the vehicle is moving. This shaking can be caused by a number of factors, including wet roads, wind gusts, and poor suspension. To prevent your car steering wheel from shaking, follow these tips:

1. Drive cautiously in wet conditions: Driving in wet conditions can cause your car to move around more and cause the steering wheel to shake. Instead, try to avoid driving in wet conditions altogether if possible. If you must drive in wet conditions, use caution and avoid driving at high speeds.

2. Use wind deflectors: Wind gusts are another cause of car shaking. To reduce the effects of wind gusts on your car’s steering wheel, use wind deflectors. Wind deflectors attach to the side of your car and redirect wind energy away from the vehicle’s occupants.

3. Check your suspension: Poor suspension can also contribute to car shaking. Make sure to regularly check your suspension for damage and replace any parts that need replacing. If you have questions about how to inspect or repair your suspension, consult a mechanic.

4. Drive slowly: Driving slowly can help reduce the amount of movement in the vehicle andthereby reduce the effects of car shaking.

5. Use a car seat belt: Car seats can help reduce the impact of car shaking on your body. Buckle your child in using a car seat that meets federal safety standards.

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