How to Unlock Steering Wheel When Car Is Dead

How to Unlock Steering Wheel When Car Is Dead

If you’ve ever had to wait long for a tow truck, you know that having a dead car can be frustrating. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to get your car moving again without calling a tow truck. In this article, we’ll teach you five easy methods for getting your car started when it’s dead.

How to Unlock Steering Wheel When Car Is Dead

Park the car

If you’re having trouble starting the car, there are a few things you can do to try and get it started. …

If you’re having trouble starting the car, there are a few things you can do to try and get it started. Check the battery, try a different key, and check for any gas leaks. If none of those work, it’s probably time to call a tow truck.

Locate the keys

There are usually three keys on the outside of a car’s steering wheel. The key to the driver’s side is usually in the ignition, and the other two are on the inside panels near the door handles.

If your car doesn’t have a remote start, you can use a key to start it by turning it to ” accessory ” and then pressing the button next to the battery. If your car has a remote start, you’ll need to find the code that comes with the system.

If you don’t have any keys, or if your car doesn’t have a remote start, there are several other ways to open a locked car. One way is to use a special tool called a “deadbolt remover.” This is a small tool that looks like a metal screwdriver with a long handle. You insert it into one of the locks on the door and twist it until it pops out. Then you can open the door. Another option is to smash a window with something blunt like an elbow or a piece of wood. You should also remember to remove any traces of your presence, including fingerprints, before leaving.

Open the door

First, locate the keypad or button on the door handle. This is usually near the bottom of the handle. If your car doesn’t have a keypad, you may be able to use the electronic keyless entry (EK) system.

If your car does have a keypad, press the button or enter the code listed on the keypad. Sometimes there is a hidden button on the inside of the door that you’ll need to press in order to release the steering wheel.

If your car doesn’t have a keypad or hidden button, you’ll need to use a screwdriver to unlock the steering wheel. Place it so that one end is resting against one side of the wheel and turn it until it’s released from the other side.

Get out of the car

If you find yourself wedged in the driver’s seat of a car that won’t start, your only option may be to try and unlock the steering wheel. This is generally not a difficult task, but there are a few things you should know first.

Lock the car

Lock the car by using the keyless entry system. If the car has a mechanical key, insert it into the ignition and turn it to the off position. Remove the key from the ignition and place it in a safe place. Turn the car’s key to the accessory position, located on the driver’s side of the car. Press and hold down both buttons on the remote control. Within two seconds, release both buttons. The car should now be locked.

If your car does not have a keyless entry system, use a security code to lock the car. To find your security code, press and hold down all of the buttons on your remote control for three seconds. Use this code when you want to lock your vehicle from a distance.

The Importance of a Car’s Steering Wheel Lock For Keyless Ignition

A steering wheel lock prevents theft.

Hotwiring your car is far more difficult for criminals to do if the steering wheel is locked. When you park your car, your steering wheel typically locks for this reason.


Unable to move independently, an automobile has a locked steering wheel. Therefore, you must remember to apply the brake as you turn on the ignition so that you won’t jolt suddenly in any direction.

Protect Yourself From Power Steering Issues

Your steering wheel may lock if your power steering system is compromised. If you believe this to be the case, start your car carefully the next time.

Protection Against Steering Column or Suspension Issues

In order to keep you safe, your steering wheel may lock. When starting your car again in this circumstance, use caution.

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How to Unlock Steering Wheel When Car Is Dead

How to Unlock the Steering Wheel Without a Key?

Attempt to move the steering wheel:

From the pressure from the wheels, the steering wheel may occasionally become trapped in a fixed position. To test if the wheel opens, try lightly swiping it from side to side while spinning the key.

Verify the key:

Verify that you are using the right key for the vehicle. Try each key you have if you have more than one to see when any of them will work.

Use a backup key:

Try using a spare key to unlock the steering wheel if you have one. It’s conceivable that the piece of hardware you’re using right now is worn out or damaged.

Screwdriver use:

The steering wheel can be unlocked by using a screwdriver if none of the other ways mentioned above don’t work. Turn the screwdriver until you can sense the lock go after inserting it into the ignition.

Contact a locksmith:

Call a reputable locksmith if you can’t open the steering wheel on your own. They are equipped with the right equipment and know-how to remove the steering wheel and harm your automobile.

Your steering wheel can be unlocked in two different ways.

Insert the Key

The most common way to unlock the steering wheel is by inserting the key into the ignition and turning it. When the key is turned, it releases the lock on the steering column, allowing the steering wheel to turn freely. It is important to note that the key must be inserted all the way into the ignition and turned with enough force to release the lock. If the key is not inserted all the way, or if it is not turned with enough force, the steering wheel will remain locked.

Wiggle the Steering Wheel

If the key method does not work, or if the key is not available, the steering wheel can be unlocked by wiggling it. This is done by applying pressure to the steering wheel in both directions, left and right, while trying to turn the key. This pressure helps to release the lock on the steering column, allowing the steering wheel to turn freely. It is important to note that the pressure should be applied gently, as excessive force can damage the steering column. Also, it is important to try this method while turning the key at the same time.

What Will The Steering Wheel Made To Lock?

When the steering wheel is turned while the key is not in the ignition, it will lock. You may protect your car from possible thieves who might be able to break in and steal it by installing this security feature. They won’t be able to drive safely since the wheel will be locked.

Benefits Of The Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock is a device that can be used to secure a car by preventing the steering wheel from being turned. It is a simple yet effective way to deter car thieves and protect your vehicle from theft. Here are some benefits of using a steering wheel lock for your car:

Issues with the power steering pump: If the power steering pump isn’t functioning properly, the steering wheel may lock. If you are unable to do this, even with a light touch, it will become apparent shortly. Another probable reason for the steering wheel to lock is a broken key mechanism. You need to slow down to avoid the steering wheel locking.

Deters thieves: A steering wheel lock is a visible deterrent to potential thieves, making them less likely to target your car. Most thieves prefer to go for easy targets and if they see that your car has a steering wheel lock, they may be discouraged from attempting to steal it.

Easy to use: A steering wheel lock is a simple device that is easy to install and remove. It can be fitted onto the steering wheel in seconds and removed just as quickly when you need to drive the car.

Cost-effective: Steering wheel locks are relatively inexpensive compared to other anti-theft devices such as car alarms and GPS trackers. This makes them an affordable option for car owners who want to protect their vehicle from theft.

Provides peace of mind: Knowing that your car is secured with a steering wheel lock can give you peace of mind, especially if you park your car in a high-risk area. It can also lower your insurance premiums, as some insurance companies offer discounts for cars that have anti-theft devices installed.

Compatible with most vehicles: Steering wheel locks are designed to fit most types of vehicles, making them a versatile option for car owners. They come in various sizes and shapes, so you can choose one that fits your car’s steering wheel.

FAQs of Unlock Steering Wheel?

When is my steering wheel locked, and how do I know?

The steering wheel could be locked if you try placing the key in the battery but it won’t move or if the key clicks but the engine won’t start.

How can I get the steering wheel unlocked?

Turn the steering wheel back and forth while spinning the ignition key to unlock the steering wheel. Use some muscle if necessary; this may need some force. Try moving the wheel while pressing the key if this doesn’t work.

What if the previous technique is unsuccessful?

In the event that the aforementioned approach is unsuccessful, try a new key or jiggling the key as turning it. Another option is to try greasing the lock cylinder using spray lubricant or graphite powder. You might need to contact a tow truck or a locksmith if none of those options work.

What can I do to stop my steering wheel from locking in the not-too-distant future?

Always take out the key of the ignition before shutting off the engine to avoid your steering wheel locking. If your vehicle features a push-button start, be sure to shut off the engine and depress the power switch before exiting the vehicle.


There are various procedures you may take to unlock your automobile if you find yourself in a position where it is dead and the steering wheel is locked. To begin with, try rotating the ignition key while also turning the steering wheel forward and backward. Try again with another key or a spare key if this doesn’t work because the issue can be from the key itself.

If nothing of these approaches works, try lubricating the mechanism that triggers the steering wheel to become immobile with something like WD-40. Another choice is to turn the key inside the ignition while gently tapping the lock cylinder with a hammer.

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