How to Fit a Car Tyre on a Rim

How to Fit a Car Tyre on a Rim

If you’ve ever tried to fit a car tyre on a rim, you know it’s not easy. The task can be made even more difficult if the tyre is inflated, as the pressure from the air makes it difficult to get the treads on the rim. In this article, we’ll show you how to fit a car tyre on a rim using basic tools and techniques.

What is a Car Tyre and How Does It Work?

A car tyre is a large, round object that sits on the rim of your vehicle’s wheel. It’s made out of rubber and has four inflated rubber walls that press against the road when you drive. The tyre helps to propel your car forward and keeps it moving along the road.

Types of Tyres

When fitting a tyre to a rim, there are a number of different types to choose from.

Pneumatic Tyres
Pneumatic tyres are the most common type, and are filled with air. They are usually fitted to vehicles using an inflator/deflator, which allows the tyre to be inflated or deflated as needed.

The benefits of pneumatic tyres include their convenience and versatility – they can be used on both roads and tracks, and they provide good traction and braking.

However, pneumatic tyres have several drawbacks – they don’t handle well in cold weather, they can be noisy when travelling at high speeds, and they require regular checking of their inflation pressure.

Rubber Tyres
Rubber tyres are made from a rubber compound that’s heated until it becomes soft enough to be moulded into the desired shape. The mixture is then extruded into thin strips, which are cut into the required size and vulcanized (heated again until the rubber hardens).

Rubber tyres have many of the same benefits as pneumatic tyres – they’re versatile, provide good traction and braking, and are comfortable in cold weather. 

Fitting a New Tyre to a Rim

When fitting a new tyre to a rim, it is important to use the correct tyre fitment tool. This will ensure that the bead of the tyre is seated correctly on the rim and that the wheel is correctly aligned.

There are a number of different tools available to fit tyres to rims, but the most common is the floor jack and axle. To use this tool, you will need to place the jack under the car, so that the axle is resting on the floor. Then, you will need to loosen the wheel bolts and adjust the height of the axle so that it’s slightly higher than the rims.
Once this has been done, you can re-tighten the wheel bolts and position the tyre on top of them. You then need to tighten all of these bolts again – making sure that they’re tight enough to hold the tyre in place but not too tight that they damage the wheel or rim. Finally, you can position the wheel on top of the tyre and re-tighten all of these bolts.

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