How to Find Tyre Size on Car

How to Find Tyre Size on Car

In order to save yourself time and hassle when buying tyres, you need to be aware of the tyre size that your car requires. Tyre size can be found on the car’s door jamb, but it’s easier to find using a tire size calculator.

How to Find Tyre Size on Car

There are a few ways to find the tyre size on a car. One way is to use the car’s manual or look it up online. Another way is to look at the manufacturer’s information sticker on the car.
The final way to find tyre size is by using a size chart. A size chart can be found online, in books or in car boot sales.

Types of Tyres

When you’re shopping for tyres, you may be wondering what type of tyre to buy. This article will help you understand the different types of tyres and what they are best for.

There are three main types of tyres: radial, bias-ply, and performance.

Radial tyres are the most common type, and are made from two thin sheets of rubber that are mounted on a metal or plastic rim. They’re good for driving on smooth roads and have a low rolling resistance, making them good for fuel economy.

Bias-ply tyres are made from multiple rubber layers that are arranged in a cross pattern. This makes them more resistant to punctures but doesn’t provide as much grip as radial tyres. They’re good for moderate to high-speed driving on dry or wet roads, and can also handle gravel and snow well.

Performance tyres are designed for high-performance driving, and usually have a higher rolling resistance than other types of tyres. They’re good for racing or long drives on rough roads, but aren’t as effective in wet conditions.

How to Check the Size of a Tyre

One of the most common tasks that drivers have to perform is checking the size of their tyres. But how do you do this?

There are a few ways that you can check the size of your tyres, but the easiest way is to use a special tyre gauge. This will allow you to measure the circumference at three different points on the tyre.

If you don’t have a tyre gauge, then you can use a piece of string to measure the length and width of your tyres. However, be careful not to stretch the string too much or it might not be accurate.

Finally, you can also use a ruler to measure the height and width of your tyre. Be sure to take into account the inflation pressure that is specified on the tyre.


If you’re looking to buy new tyres, it can be helpful to know the size of your car’s wheelbase. This is the distance between the centres of the front and rear wheels. To find out, take a look at your car’s manual or consult a garage or tyre store. They will usually have a diagram illustrating this information.

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