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How to Change Gear in Car Pictures


You’ve probably seen car pictures with people in them and thought, “What the heck is that person doing in the picture?” The answer is they’re changing gear. Gear, or transmission in cars with manuals, refers to the control a person has over each of the four wheels, as well as the engine. In order to change gear, you need first to find the right gear for the situation – for example, if you’re driving on a road with smooth pavement, you might want to choose high gear to save fuel. With all that in mind, it’s important to know how to change gear in pictures so your driver doesn’t look like a complete idiot!

Gear Choices

There are a few things to consider when changing gear in a car. The first is the type of gear you’re in.

Different types of gears require different hand positions. If you’re in first, for instance, your hand should be near the center of the gear shift and just below the stick pusher. If you’re in second, your hand should be on top of the gear shift and to the side of the stick pusher.

The next thing to consider is your foot placement. Your foot should be placed on top of the brake pedal so that you have stability as you change gears. If you’re using a manual transmission, you may also need to use your other foot to depress the clutch pedal while changing gears.

1 Front Wheel Drive

Changing gears in a car can be a bit confusing at first, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. In this article, we’ll show you how to change gears in a car using pictures.

First, start by getting into your car and turning the key to the ON position. Next, find your gear lever and pull it up until it stops. You should now be in park.

Now, let’s look at the picture below. The red circle represents the gear that you’re currently in. The green circle represents the gear that you want to be in. To change gears, you need to move your gear lever towards the green circle. Be sure to stop before you reach the green circle!

2 Rear Wheel Drive

Gear changing in a car can be confusing for first time drivers. This video tutorial will show you how to change gear in a car with rear wheel drive.

To change gear in a car with rear wheel drive, you need to use the clutch and the gas pedal. You should use the clutch to start the engine, and then use the gas pedal to shift into the new gear.

Gears and Transmission Types

There are many types of gears and transmissions in cars, but how do you change gear in a car picture? Here’s a guide to changing gear in different types of cars.

How to Change Gears in a Car with Manual Transmission

To change gears in a car with a manual transmission, you will need to use your hands. First, find the gear you want to change to by looking at the dials on the dashboard. Then, use your left hand to rotate the shifter knob to the correct gear. Use your right hand to push and pull the shift lever towards you until it clicks into place. Be careful not to yank on the shifter too hard – you may damage it.

Changing Gears on a Car

Gear changes are an important part of driving, and they can be a bit tricky to do in a car. Here are some tips on how to change gears in car pictures:

1. Get into the correct gear for the road conditions. If you’re going slow, use low gears. If you’re going fast, use higher gears.

2. Use your left hand to shift the gear shifter into the correct position. Use your right hand to operate the brake and accelerator pedals.

3. Keep your eyes on the road and focus on what you’re doing. Don’t look down at the gear shifter or at the dashboard while you’re changing gears!


No matter what type of photography you do, it’s always a good idea to know how to change gear in car pictures. Changing gear means changing the lens on your camera, and this can be something that is easy to forget when you’re trying to get a great shot. By knowing how to change gear in car pictures, you’ll be able to take better photos that showcase your car in all of its glory.

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