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How to Calculate Rc Car Gear Ratio

Gear ratios are one of the most important factors when choosing a car. They dictate how fast the car can go and how efficiently it can use its engine. In this article, we will learn how to calculate a car’s gear ratio using simple steps.

What is the Rc Gear Ratio?

The rc gear ratio is the actual gear ratio between the motor and the rear axle. This number will help you calculate how fast your car is going and how much power it’s using.

To find the rc gear ratio, take the following steps:
1) Find out how many teeth are on the front and rear disc brakes.
2) Divide that number by 4. This will give you the total number of teeth on each side of your transmission.
3) Next, take that total number and multiply it by 1.14 to get the rc gear ratio.

How to Calculate the Rc Gear Ratio

If you’re looking to calculate the gear ratio of your rc car, you’ll first need to figure out the main gearbox size. Additionally, you’ll need to know the wheelbase and track width of your car. From there, you can use the gearbox size to calculate the number of teeth on your main gear, and use that number to calculate the number of teeth on your secondary gear. Finally, you can use the gear ratio to determine your rc car’s speed.

How to Use the Rc Gear Ratio

If you’re looking to get your car moving faster and with more power, you’ll want to learn about the rc gear ratio. This handy calculation can help you figure out how to adjust your transmission or engine settings in order to achieve the best performance.

First, you’ll need to find your car’s basic specs. These can be found on the manufacturer’s website or in the owner’s manual. Once you have these numbers, you can use the following formula to calculate your rc gear ratio:

rc gear ratio = (car speed in mph) / (car wheel horsepower)

For example, if you have a car that goes 50 mph and has 300 horsepower, your rc gear ratio would be 3.6. You can use this information to adjust your transmission or engine settings accordingly.

Once you’ve configured your equipment, it’s important to keep track of your RC gear ratio and make any necessary adjustments. This will ensure that your car is getting the most out of its power and speed potential.


In this article, we will be learning how to calculate the RC car gear ratio. This is a very important calculation for anyone who wants to build or mod a racing car. By understanding how to calculate the RC car gear ratio, you can ensure that your car performs at its best and meets all of the performance specifications that you have set for it. So let’s get started with our calculations!

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