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How to Break Car Gear Lock

Car gear lock are a common worry for drivers. Learn how to break car gear lock with simple techniques in this article.

What is a Gear Lock?

A gear lock is a type of automotive security device that can be used to prevent unauthorized access to a vehicle. Gear locks are typically made of metal and are inserted into the various gears of a vehicle’s transmission. When the gear lock is activated, it physically blocks the engagement of the gears, preventing the vehicle from moving. Gear locks can also be used to secure items inside a car, such as bags or bicycles.

How to Break a Gear Lock

Gear locks can be a frustrating challenge to open, especially if the key is not available. Below are a few tips on how to break a gear lock without the use of a key.

1. Use a power tool. A power tool, such as an electric drill, can create enough force to break the gear lock.
2. Use a large object as leverage. Place a large object, such as a car trunk or an old suitcase, on top of the gear lock and use your weight to break it open.
3. Try using heat. To break a gear lock using heat, place the lock in boiling water for about five minutes. This will soften the metal and make it easier to break open.


If you are ever stuck in your car and cannot get the gear lock to release, there are a few things that you can do in order to free yourself. One option is to try using a key or code breaker. Another option is to use a hammer and chisel to break the window. If all of these methods fail, there is always the possibility of using a tow truck or hiring a locksmith. Make sure to research your options before getting into an auto-related emergency!

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