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How to Brake with Manual Car (Correct Method)

You rely on your car’s automatic braking system to keep you safe on the roads. But what if you need to take action to stop suddenly brake with manual car? Here’s how to do it!

How to Brake with Manual Car

When you’re driving a manual car, you need to use the brake pedal to stop the car. You can use either your left or right foot to brake. You should always use both feet when braking, even if one foot is slightly faster than the other. If you don’t use both feet, you may not be able to stop the car in time.

Types of Brakes

-The four types of brakes used on manual cars are the hand brake, the foot brake, the emergency brake, and the parking brake.

-The hand brake is used to apply pressure to the handles of the car to stop it from moving.

-The foot brake is used to apply pressure to the pedals to stop the car from moving.

-The emergency brake is a safety feature that can be activated by pressing a button on the dashboard in case of an emergency.

-The parking brake is used to keep the car stationary while it’s parked.

How to Stop the Car

If you’re driving a manual car, your braking system is built for efficient, hands-on operation. To stop the car, brake firmly on the pedal and use your hand to guide the wheel.

How to Steer the Car

If you want to steer the car yourself, you first need to find the Park brake. This is a small lever on the drivers side near the gear shift. When you pull it, a shoe will come off the brake pedal, and the car will stop automatically when you let go of the lever.

To steer, use your left hand to keep the wheel straight while using your right hand to turn the wheel. If you’re driving a manual car, use your left hand to hold onto the wheel and use your right hand to turn the pedals.

How to Use the Handbrake

If you’re not familiar with the handbrake, it’s a great opportunity to learn! It’s simple to use and works on most cars. Here’s how:

1. Park your car in a safe place.

2. Locate the handbrake lever on the dashboard. It may be a small lever or handle near the gearshift or steering wheel.

3. Grip the lever with your left hand and pull it toward you until it clicks into place. Be sure your left foot is positioned on the brake pedal if you’re driving with your right hand on the wheel.

4. Release the lever, and your car will move forward as long as you maintain pressure on the brake pedal. If you need to stop quickly, hold down the brake pedal until your car comes to a complete stop.


If you’re looking to learn how to brake with a manual car, this guide will teach you the basics. First, we’ll discuss the different types of brakes and their function. Next, we’ll show you how to apply the brakes using your hands. Finally, we’ll cover how to release the brakes and steer in emergency situations. By following these steps, you should be able to brake safely and effectively in any situation!

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