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How to Adjust Gear Ratio on Rc Car

Upgrading your rc car’s performance is one thing, but making sure you get the most out of your engine is another. In this article, we’re going to show you how to adjust your gear ratio so that you can get the most power from your car.

Gear Ratio

Gear ratio is the number of teeth on the gears that turn the motor. When you change gear, the motor must turn faster than the new gear to keep going at the same speed. This means that you need to adjust your gearing so that your car stays at a constant speed.

To change gear on an electric car, first find out what gear ratio your car has. This can be found on a sticker or label on your car, or by looking at the diagram in your car’s manual. Once you know your gear ratio, consult your car’s manual to find out how to change it.

There are different ways to do this depending on the type of car. In most cases, you will have to pull out a knob or lever and turn it until the desired gear is in place. Some cars have buttons that you press instead; these are usually more difficult to access and may require taking apart the whole car.

Once you’ve changed your gear ratio, be sure to test it by driving around for a bit to see if everything works properly. If not, be sure to fix any problems before continuing.

How to Adjust Gear Ratio

If you’re having trouble getting your car to go as fast as you’d like, it may be because the gear ratio is not adjusted to your liking. Gear ratio is the number of teeth on the gears in your car. The higher the number, the more torque the gears will produce. If the gear ratio is too low, the car will not be able to go as fast as you would like; conversely, if the gear ratio is too high, your car will not be able to go as far before it needs to stop.

There are a few ways to adjust your gear ratio:
-Using a Gear Ratio Calculator: This is a handy tool that can be found online or in some cars’ manuals. It takes into account factors like road conditions and driver weight and will spit out a suggested gear ratio for your car.
-Changing Gears Yourself: This is not recommended for beginners, but if you’re comfortable working with tools and have basic mechanical skills (it usually involves removing a cover), you can try changing gears yourself. Some cars have manual transmission so this method may be easier than others.
-Getting Assistance from a Mechanic: This might be the easiest option if you don’t feel comfortable changing gears yourself


If you’re looking to improve your skills as a racing driver, then you’ll want to be aware of gear ratio. Gear ratio is the transmission settings that control how much power goes to the wheels. By understanding how gear ratio works and adjusting it accordingly, you can optimize your driving experience and reach new levels of performance. This article will teach you everything you need to know about gear ratios and how to adjust them on your rc car.

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