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Reverse gears are a very common feature on cars, allowing the car to move forwards or backwards. But what happens when you want to use them in reverse? This Quora answer from user Justin Chua explains how the gear works and how it can be used in reverse.

What are Reverse Gears

Reverse gears are a mechanism that allow a vehicle to move in reverse. This is done by rotating the gearbox shaft the opposite way of forward motion.

The reverse gearbox is actuated by rotary switches located on the gearstick and pedal box, which activate the appropriate planetary gears. The planetary gears cause the input shaft to rotate about its longitudinal axis in reverse, which then drives the output shaft.

How Reverse Gears on Remote Control Cars Work

Remote control cars typically have a gearbox that can be turned to change the speed of the car. This gearbox is usually located in the car’s rear left or right corner.

When the driver wants to go in reverse, they need to use the gearbox’s reverse button. This engages the reverse gear on the car and causes the car’s drive wheels to turn backwards. The reverse gearbox sends power to the car’s engine, which then powers the car’s wheels backward.

What to Look for When Buying Reverse Gears

When looking for reverse gears for a remote control car, there are several factors to consider. Here are a few to get started:

1. Type of Gear: There are two types of reverse gears: manual and automatic. Automatic reverse gears work by pulling the trigger on the car, which in turn makes the gear shift and sends power to the drivetrain to move it in the opposite direction. Manual reverse gears require you to manually shift the gear yourself.

2. Size and Quality of Gear: When it comes to size, some reverse gears are smaller than others, so be sure to take that into account when making your purchase. The quality of the gear also matters – make sure that whatever you select is durable and will last long.

3. Functionality: Another important factor to consider is functionality. Does the gear work as expected? Can it be easily accessed and used? These factors will affect how much fun you’ll have driving your remote control car around!


Reverse gears on remote control cars work by engaging the reverse gear as soon as you reach a stop, to help avoid rolling backwards if somebody steps in front of the car. By doing this, you’re giving the driver feedback that they should begin driving in reverse.

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