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How Much to Insure Two Cars

It can be tough making decisions when it comes to insurance. You want to do the right thing for yourself and your family, but sometimes it’s difficult to know just how much coverage you need. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how much to insure two cars. In it, we’ll outline the different types of coverage and what each one covers. We’ll also give you an estimate of how much each policy would cost you. So whether you have a new or old car, this guide is for you.

What is property insurance?

Property insurance protects your belongings if they’re lost, damaged, or stolen. It can also cover you if someone tries to break into your home or property. Home insurance often includes property insurance.

There are different types of property insurance, depending on what you’re protecting. You might have liability insurance if you’re the driver of a car that hits someone and they sue you. Your homeowners policy may cover your house and its contents in case of a disaster like a fire or tornado.

You should compare quotes from several companies to get the best deal. Some policies exclude specific items, such as cars or boats, so be sure to ask about those policies before buying them.

Types of property insurance

There are a few different types of property insurance that can protect your possessions in the event of a loss. General liability insurance covers you financially if someone is injured or damages your property while on your property. This policy may also cover any legal fees associated with the claim. Renters insurance provides coverage for damage to rental properties, as well as personal belongings inside them. Homeowners insurance policies cover both your primary residence and any other structures on your property, including garages and sheds. You may also be able to add additional coverage for items such as jewelry, art, and bikes. Specialty insurance policies are available for items like boats and autos. Some require a higher premium than traditional homeowners or renters insurance but offer greater protection in specific situations. It is important to consult with an agent familiar with the types of coverage that are best suited for your needs.

How much to insure a car

If you own two cars, you may be wondering how much to insure them each. Here’s a breakdown of how much to insure a car for different types of vehicles and drivers.

Regular sedan: $100 per month

Crossover SUV: $200 per month

Pickup truck: $500 per month

SUV with All Wheel Drive: $1,000 per month

A full coverage policy offers the best value because it will pay for both your car and driver in the event of an accident. For a regular sedan, a basic policy will cover you for up to $250,000 in damages, while an extended coverage policy will provide up to $500,000 in protection. A crossover SUV will typically carry more insurance than a regular sedan, so be sure to factor that into your decision. A pickup truck carries less insurance than most other vehicles, but it can still be expensive to insure. A basic insurance policy will cover you for up to $100,000 in damage, while an extended coverage policy will provide up to $300,000 in protection.


Insuring two cars can be a great way to protect yourself and your family in the event of a car accident. There are a few things to consider when deciding how much to insure each vehicle. The amount of coverage you need will depend on the specific facts and circumstances of your case, but generally speaking you’ll want to ensure at least $100,000 per car in liability insurance coverage. In addition, it’s important to have comprehensive personal injury protection (PIP) for both drivers and passengers in case of an accident. This type of coverage can provide up to $500,000 per person for medical expenses and lost wages incurred as a result of an accident.

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