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Have to Turn Steering Wheel to Start Car

Most cars have a steering wheel and pedals. Turning the wheel left or right changes the direction of the car. To go forward, you use your feet to push down on the pedal. Most people learn to use these controls when they’re children. As adults, we rely on them more and more to get around.

But what if your car doesn’t have those controls? What if you can’t turn the wheel or move your feet?

What is a wheel-drive car?

A wheel-drive car is a car that uses the power of the engine to turn the wheels. This system is usually found in SUVs and trucks, as it gives them more traction when driving on snow or ice.

Why are wheel-drive cars more expensive to operate?

Wheel-drive cars are more expensive to operate because they require a lot more maintenance than standard, engine-driven cars. Wheel-drive cars use a system of gears and chains to translate rotational motion from the engine into movement of the vehicle’s wheels. This requires regular lubrication, adjustment, and replacement of parts that can be quite expensive. Additionally, wheel-drive systems are less efficient than standard systems, so they require more fuel to travel the same distance.

How to fix a wheel-drive car

If your car has a wheel-drive, turning the steering wheel to start it can be tricky. Here’s how to fix it.

What are the benefits of a wheel-drive car?

A wheel-drive car uses a drive shaft that connects the engine to the front or rear wheels. This type of car is much smoother and more efficient because it doesn’t have to turn the engine over as often. This means that your gas mileage will be better, and you’ll also save on wear and tear on your engine.


If you have to turn the steering wheel to start your car, it may be time for a new battery. If your car won’t start after you jumpstart it, or if it starts but stalls after a few minutes, there might be something wrong with the battery. Before calling a tow truck or taking your car in for repairs, try troubleshooting steps such as checking the fuses and testing the battery with a voltmeter.

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