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Do You Need Car Insurance for Grubhub

Ever since Grubhub exploded onto the scene, the restaurant industry has been changing rapidly. With delivery becoming increasingly popular, the stakes have never been higher for those in the business of food. One of the ways that Grubhub has changed things is by making online ordering more accessible to consumers than ever before. In fact, there are now so many people using Grubhub that it’s become a staple in many households. But what happens if you get into a car accident while using Grubhub? In this article, we will explore whether or not you need car insurance for Grubhub and help you figure out which type would be best for you.

What is Grubhub?

Grubhub is a food delivery service that allows customers to order food from restaurants. The company was founded in 2006 and operates in over 20 countries. Grubhub is a subsidiary of online restaurant reservation platform OpenTable.

In order to use Grubhub, customers must create an account and set up their delivery preferences. Customers can choose between two delivery methods: curbside or door-to-door. Grubhub charges a delivery fee based on the distance the food must travel.

Grubhub offers a variety of delivery options, including restaurants in major cities across the United States and Canada. In addition to food deliveries, Grubhub also operates takeout and catering services.

If you need car insurance for Grubhub, be sure to consult your policy’s fine print. Many policies exclude liability coverage for activities such as using Grubhub for food delivery.

Is Grubhub a Good Car Insurance Provider?

Grubhub is a popular online food ordering service that allows users to order food from restaurants. While the service is convenient and easy to use, it does pose some risks when ordering food from restaurants. For example, if you are involved in an accident while using Grubhub, the restaurant may not be liable for damages. However, if you are injured or killed while using Grubhub, your insurance company may consider the service to be a contributing factor in your injuries or death.

So, should you insure yourself with Grubhub? If you are primarily using the service as a way to order food from local restaurants, then it probably isn’t necessary to insure yourself. However, if you plan on ordering large quantities of food from distant restaurants or if you are using Grubhub as an online convenience rather than as an actual means of dining out, then it might be worth considering insurance protection.

What If I’m In an Accident With My Grubhub Order?

If you’re unfortunate enough to be in an accident with your Grubhub order, make sure to contact your car insurance provider as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, your policy may cover damages to your vehicle, injuries you sustained, and even any associated costs like rental cars or hotel rooms. If you have questions about what type of coverage is available to you, talk to a representative from your insurance company directly.


Do you use Grubhub to order food for yourself or for your business? If so, do you need car insurance? If you work for a company that uses Grubhub as part of its ordering process, then the answer is likely yes. According to Grubhub’s terms and conditions, “the Company shall be deemed to be using the Services when it places an order through the Services.” This means that if you are injured while working on orders that were placed through Grubhub, the company will be liable to pay any medical bills that arise from your injuries.

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