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Can You Register a Car Without Insurance in Texas

car insurance is one of the most important considerations when it comes to owning a car. Not only does it protect you financially in case of an accident, but it can also save you time and hassle if something goes wrong. It’s no wonder, then, that many Texans turn to auto insurance without comprehensive or collision coverage. But is this really the best decision for them? Before you decide to go uninsured, be sure to read our article on the realities of Texas car insurance laws. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about registering your car without insurance in Texas.


In Texas, you can register a car without insurance if the vehicle is less than 12 years old and the owner has proof of ownership (a title or registration). The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) requires that the proof of ownership be from a state that participates in the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. If you do not have proof of ownership, you must purchase vehicle insurance before registering your car.

Requirements for registering a car in Texas

The requirements to register a car in Texas are as follows: you must have a driver’s license from the state where you plan to register your car, proof of insurance, and the vehicle’s registration card. If you are registering your car in Texas but will be using it in another state, make sure you also get that state’s registration card.

What to do if you have an accident while driving without insurance in Texas

If you have an accident while driving without insurance in Texas, your driver’s license may be suspended or revoked. You could also face criminal penalties. If you are arrested for driving without insurance, the police may seize your vehicle and any money or property you possess. You can avoid these consequences by obtaining insurance before you drive.

How to get a car insurance policy in Texas

If you are new to the state of Texas, you may be wondering how you can get car insurance. In Texas, residents must have liability insurance in order to register their cars with the state. There are a few ways to get car insurance without having a normal policy. One way is to get a waiver from your state or county. Another way is to find an un-licensed insurance agent who will sell you a policy. The last way is to find an un-licensed broker who will sell you a policy.


Yes, you can register a car in Texas without insurance. In fact, many people do it every day without realizing it! There are a few things to keep in mind, though: make sure the car is properly registered and you have proof of ownership (a title or registration card). If everything looks good to you and the car owner agrees to let you register the vehicle without insurance, be sure to get everything in writing so there are no surprises down the road.

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