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Can You Have Insurance on a Car from Another State

Have you ever driven a car from one state to another, only to find out that the insurance wasn’t accepted? It can happen and it’s not just for tourists. You may be surprised to learn that even American drivers have had problems with insurance on cars from other states. Why is this happening? It has to do with the way car insurance is structured. In most cases, your car insurance policy will only cover accidents or damage that happened while your car was registered in your home state. If you drive your car across state lines, you’re basically gambling with your own safety and that of others. Luckily, there are ways to get around this hurdle. Read on to learn more about how to get car insurance coverage in another state.

General Information

If you’re moving to a new state and want to keep your car insurance with your old insurer, you’ll likely need to transfer your policy. Here’s how:

To transfer your car insurance, first contact your old insurer and let them know that you’re moving. Tell them the name of the state you’re moving to and the date of the move. They’ll need to give you a “statement of conditions” or “policy summary” for your old policy. This document will list all of the coverage that is still in effect under your policy, including any discounts that may apply.

Once you’ve received the statement of conditions from your old insurer, take it to a car insurance company in the new state. The car insurance company will compare it to their policies and should be able to provide you with a quote for a new policy. Be sure to ask for a quote for both personal liability and property damage coverage.

Once you have quotes from two car insurance companies in the new state, choose which one you would like to switch to. Contact customer service at either company and tell them that you are transferring your policy. They will need to send confirmation paperwork back to your old insurer so that they can update their records. Once everything has been updated, finish up by transferring any money needed from your bank account or credit card into the new insurer’s account.

How Car Insurance Works

When you get a new car, you are typically required to buy auto insurance from your state. This is because the car is registered and licensed in that state. If you want to drive your car in another state, you will need to get insurance for it there.

There are a few ways to do this. You can buy temporary car insurance from the insurer in the other state. This policy will cover you while your car is there but it won’t protect you if something happens while you’re driving it.

You can also buy permanent car insurance for your new car in the other state. This policy will cover you no matter where you drive the car and it will usually have lower rates than normal auto insurance policies.

How to Get Car Insurance in Another State

If you are moving to another state, be sure to check the car insurance requirements in that state. Many states have laws that mandate certain minimum levels of car insurance for residents. If you don’t have the required level of coverage, you may be subject to a fine or even jail time.

Some states allow residents from other states to have full liability coverage on their cars, while other states only allow comprehensive coverage. Be sure to ask your new car dealership about their policy on importing cars and get specific information on the requirements in your new state.


Yes, you can have car insurance on a car that is registered and owned in another state. However, there are some important things to keep in mind when considering this type of insurance. For example, if your vehicle is hit while it is being driven in the other state, the at-fault driver may not be covered by your policy. Also, if you plan to sell your car or use it for business purposes while it’s registered and owned in another state, make sure to check with your insurance company to be sure that they will cover you.

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